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About the research

Our research is centered on the Electronic Dance Music scenes and in the ways in which women who participate professionally (whether as DJs, music producers or event producers) claim their places of speech, greater visibility and social and marketing insertion. 

Developed in two stages, the research took place initially in Canada, during the postdoctoral period of researcher Beatriz Brandão Polivanov at McGill University in Montreal (Canada). At a later time, the research continued to be developed in Brazil, allowing an analysis of the disputes and negotiations of these women from a perspective of both the “Global South” and the “North”.


Investigate what are the main claims and ways of acting of women participating in contemporary scenes of electronic dance music in Brazil and Canada, from a perspective that takes into account the social, cultural and marketing specificities of each country.


Ana Clara Martins

Bacharel em Psicologia pela Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) e graduanda de Estudos de Mídia na Universidade Federal Fluminense. Atual bolsista PIBIC pelo CNPq, participando do projeto de pesquisa: Música eletrônica e desigualdade de gênero: desafios e estratégias de mulheres DJs, sob orientação de Beatriz Polivanov. 

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